Pink Zebra by Jen

What is Pink Zebra you ask??
I can understand that you are wondering this as it is still a fairly new company to Canada. So let me explain it a wee bit. It is a 100% non-toxic product made by soybeans into a wax which is then converted into an extremely high quality scented sprinkle. Why is this sprinkle different you ask me… Well because it’s a sprinkle and not a cube. With sprinkles, you can choose how much you want to use at one time depending on your scent sensitivities or the size of your room… And even better, you can mix and match the scents easily (which we encourage profusely) to create your own favs!! These sprinkles are non-toxic so can even be tossed into a kitty litter box to reduce odours!! We also have SOAKS, soaks are a spray that is also non-toxic and can be sprayed just about anywhere you want including that nasty kitty litter box ? or onto a go card and hung in your car…once dried, just re-spray…no need to keep buying new ones!! Less waste!! We have warmers, reeds, plugins for the soaks and much more.
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