Dover County

This whole thing started with an old barn ladder and the love of anything old. I was soon on the lookout for rough, dusty, scratched, stained, nicked and paint-riddled hidden treasures. Sander in hand, I went to work at erasing the worst that time had impressed upon a variety of forgotten objects, uncovering their beauty and continuing the story they were meant to tell. Six years later, I have refinished, repurposed and refashioned some very old treasures, salvaging them into one-of-a-kind pieces that are not only homespun rustic, but functional and just the right accent in most any room or outside space. Old crates, barn wood and live-edge pieces have become serving trays or hook backings. Vintage toolbox parts and boxes, have found life as funky storage. Ladders are now towel and blanket racks, and window frames keep you organized or hold your plants. Some of my items are original creations, fashioned out of new wood that caught my eye for its grain, tone or texture – you will find these among my Charcuterie boards, some serving trays, bath boards and pipe-mount shelving. In addition, through my searches for those special wooden pieces, I have amassed a lovely little collection of vintage and antique serving ware, china, stoneware, pottery, bowls, jars, metal ware and many other fun and interesting items… salvaged and waiting for their next home. Come on over to Dover County and sit a spell….you’ll find links to all of our albums, in the post pinned to the top of our Facebook page. Happy shopping!