Caterpillar Feet

We are often asked why the name of my shop is Caterpillar Feet. This is our story. I have had arthritis throughout my body for 26 years now. But I consider myself lucky in that most of my deformity from the disease is visible only in my feet. Not so lucky to find comfort in footwear though. And to top it off, I’m a bit of a fashionista, so I like to look good with whatever I wore. While looking on the internet, I saw a pair of crochet boots that were, for a lack of better words, HOT! I would have never thought that crochet and Hot could go together but they did. So not being able to afford the cost of the work required to purchase them, I needed to learn to crochet. LOL. One pair, two pairs, 300+ pairs later, I am still crocheting slippers. And they are very much appreciated by my clients. Machine wash and dry AND non-slip because of the anti-fatigue foam sole. (I make my soles, I do not use hard flip flops). We have branched out with many other products over the years including wash puffs, socks, leg warmers, mittens, hats and so much more. You wont be disappointed with your purchase.