bathintentions inc. is a young family-owned artisan bath and body company that offers over 40 unique products such bath bombs, shower steamers, soaps and skin care handcrafted from earth-sourced ingredients with a little added bling to stimulate the senses.
The brand is an authentic self-care response to your need to make time for relaxation, give yourself a bit more love and celebrate who you are. The products are perfect for gift giving with meaningful branded messages of intentions.
The bathintentions story is about love, resilience, and community.
bathintentions was a bold and determined response to the most terrible situation. Alaya co-owner of bathintentions, knew her share of bad news and has known more difficult times than most teenagers; she was diagnosed and treated for 6 different cancers because of a genetic disposition. The family needed a flexible income-generating activity that allowed for Alaya’s treatments and many medical visits.
The idea of the business came about because Alaya wanted to earn some shopping money. Her mom, Dinah had been making soap for many years and suggested that she sell bath bombs to friends and family to make money for her love of shopping. Alaya sold over 250 bath bombs in 5 weeks.
The mother-daughter duo founded the business in June 2016. The business grew sustainably and organically one customer at a time and the community rallied to support. Health challenges were faced and always the priority.
bathintentions grew a small team of women to ensure succession of production and sales when Alaya required numerous surgeries.
The business continued to grow, in September 2018, Alaya’s health took a turn for the worst and she passed away at the age of 16. The family was devasted and unsure about what to do next.
They followed Alaya’s motto of “staying strong and never quitting” and persevered.