The Story of W3G & Co.

In September of 2010, Julie (Hickman) and Debbie (Burns) shared a story they read online outlining an idea of hosting a Girls Night In event supporting a local charity. The original thought was to have an open house party at home and invite friends to help support the cause.

What started as a small venture, quickly grew and the realization that we needed a larger venue was obvious. So on Sunday, November 14th, 2010 we hosted our 1st Annual Trunk Sale and Pamper Me Party at Sign it Signs & Designs. Noella Cotnam handed over her home, her shop, and her life for us to host this event. In a matter of a few hours we saw over 500 people attend and 30 vendors participating. At the end of the day, we gladly donated just under $5000 to the Cancer Society. We also quickly realized that a much larger venue was needed for the following year's party.

In November 2011, we started a long lasting relationship with the Lunan family of Marlin Orchards, taking over their space to host the Event. As we grew, so did the donation amount to the charity, and the 2nd Annual Trunk Sale brought in just over $11,500 for the local chapter of the MS Society. We quickly discovered a no-fail recipe with the blending of our fundraising group, Marlin Orchards and the MS Society. When all the puzzle pieces come together, it makes for a lovely union.

In 2015 the Event grew to a 2 day show and featured over 100 vendors per day.

2016 saw another change with the funds raised benefitting Maison Baldwin House. The W3G team originally planned for the fundraising to support a different charity each year, and after 5 years and over $85,000 raised for the MS Society, we felt it was time to move on to help some of the equally worthy groups in our community.

Our Event continues to be held the first weekend in November at Marlin Orchards, with a benefitting charity being chosen every year from the many worthy causes within our local community.

Well sought after by vendors and shoppers alike, with a little something for everyone, the W3G & Co. Trunk Sale is the place to be, and the show of the season to attend on the first weekend of November.

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